About Redhot Scott's American Driving Academy

Redhot Scott's American Driving Academy, LLC was founded in October 2016. The owners are Rick and Peggy Scott from Logansport. They have been married for 40 years. Rick has worked in the Driver’s Education field for 23 years and is a retired P.E. teacher from the Logansport Community School Corporation.  Peggy is a Kindergarten teacher for Logansport Community School Corporation. They have two daughters and 3 grandchildren.  Abby is married to Peter Lundy, one of our Traditional In-Class and Driver Instructors. Abby does the books for the company. Their children are Isabel, 13 years old and Graeme, 8 years old.  Natalie is married to Garret Baldini and they have a son Cash
who is 2.

As an employee of Karen Burkhardt, Rick felt the need to continue the same professional and safe environment that was established by American Driving Academy. We are committed to making this a family business involving our children and making the employees feel the same sense of belonging to this family. We believe strongly in family values and respect the individual needs of each student and try to make accommodations for their individual needs.

Redhot Scott’s American Driving Academy LLC continues to serve the communities of Howard, Miami, Cass, Carroll and Tipton Counties. We offer several sites for Traditional In-Class instruction and Internet Classes for those students that are too busy to attend a Traditional class.  We continue to have many dedicated Instructors for the Traditional In-Class instruction and Driving Instruction as well as very efficient secretaries to help with all of your needs.  We have recently added an online course for interested individuals to take to become instructors for our company.  This is an amazing opportunity.

Our work and dedication of our instructors and staff has led Redhot Scott's American Driving Academy, LLC to be the leader in Driver Education for Kokomo and the surrounding counties.

Our Mission and Vision

Combining today’s technology with the teaching and law enforcement expertise of our instructors and staff, we focus on providing a professional and safe experience and teaching driving skills and habits for a lifetime, both in the classroom and in the car.

Lifelong Lessons

We pride ourselves on offering lessons and guidance that will help you for a lifetime. At Redhot Scott's American Driving Academy, it is not about just passing the test to get your license; it is about passing the test of driving safely every day.

“Our Tipton students learn about semi-trailer blind spots courtesy of Mr. Floyd."

Our Accomplishments

Our driving school was the first to:

  • Have female instructors in the classroom and instructing in the car
  • Provide AAA-endorsed driving curriculum and school to Kokomo
  • Roll out the “DRV NOW TXT L8R” campaign
  • Equip all cars with cameras
  • Offer online driver education
  • Add law enforcement officers as part of the teaching staff
  • Bring today’s online technology into the classroom with Engrade
  • Offer a FREE Indiana Driving Manual  for our students

Get Your License

It is not about just passing the test to get your license; it is about passing the test of driving safely every day. Enroll in one of our classes.

Internet Class

Busy schedule?
Need more flexibility?

Internet Course