Registration Terms

A deposit is due upon registering for your Driver Ed Course. Balance is due by the first class session.

Fees may be transferred to another date/time if needed. Redhot Scott's American Driving Academy LLC. will not refund any fee, tuition or charge or any part thereof should the school be ready, willing, and able to fulfill its part of the contract. Redhot Scott's American Driving Academy LLC. reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes at its sole discretion.

Rule IX of the Indiana Rules & Regulations Governing Commercial Driving Training Schools and Instructors states, "An owner, officer, instructor, agent, or employee of any commercial driving school shall not state nor give the impression to a student that upon completion of the course, they will guarantee the securing of a driver's license to operation a motor vehicle."

All course fees including replacement driving instruction* incurred must be paid in full prior to the final drive session.

*Please Note: A replacement hour of driving instruction will need to be purchased if a:

  1. Student or Parent does not call to reschedule or cancel a drive at least 24 hours in advance or drive is canceled due to being 10 minutes or more late.
  2. Student does not show up for their drive.
  3. Student cannot drive because they did not bring their permit or wear appropriate shoes (no flip flops).

I hereby certify that I have read, understand, and have received a copy of this registration and as a parent/guardian of the named student, give my permission to participate in Redhot Scott's American Driving Academy LLC. Driver Education Course. I also understand it may take more than the 120 days (as per BMV) to complete the course requirements.